Giancarlo Bolla

Tasty dishes, warm atmosphere and typically Italian joy - these are the secrets of success of La Tambouille, the renowned restaurateur Giancarlo Bolla (1940-2014).

In 1956, coming from San Remo, Italy, Brazil received what would become one of the greatest chefs of recent times. Giancarlo Bolla worked in several renowned houses where he learned all the haute cuisine dishes. And in 1971 opened the La Tambouille, one of the most disputed tables of.

Winner of several awards, Giancarlo Bolla turned his restaurant synonymous with tradition, elegance and exclusivity. The famous restaurateur always made sure to take care of the details of the house and welcome guests as well as prepare the refined French-Italian menu line that attracts the most refined palates of the city. Tradition passed to the new restaurateur Carla Bolla, who takes command of the restaurant and makes sure to always be present in the hall. Besides having learned all the care and secrets to prepare a delicious dish, Carla has in its curriculum several stages in renowned restaurants in Europe.

Visit La Tambouille, in fact, is a cultural experience, and dining. The four environments - two lounges, a terrace and a bar - gain air with sculptures and Renaissance Italian paintings.

It is a little corner of Italy close to you.


A cuisine without excesses, but not less creative. Dishes that please clients not only for the aromas and flavors but also for the simplicity and good taste of the presentation. A French-Italian-line cuisine, based on very high quality products.

With a periodically updated menu, La Tambouille has the Mezzogiorno Menu for lunch with special prices during weekdays. For events held at the restaurant, menus are especially prepared.



With the house concept comes the decoration project signed by famous architect Ugo di Pace.

At the style of Italian Villas, restaurant La Tambouille has four sections: bar, restaurant and two terraces, Sanremo and Mediterranean.

With an impeccable service, at La Tambouille the client is welcomed with cordiality at the sound of a delicious background music coming from the piano bar.